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Duel detergents have completely risen up to one of the main challenges that manufacturers are facing in the era of modern fabrics: washing at low temperatures, preventing colors from fading and inhibiting fabric damage. A high-quality detergent does not alter the color of colored fabric even after 25 consecutive washings. The upgrade of existing products resulted in detergents with a new formula covering temperature ranges, while the increased content of specific components adds to a more efficient and superior stain-removal even at lower washing temperatures. Our detergents are available in pack sizes of 500 grams, 3, 6, 9 and 12 kilograms.



We have made one step forward in the “Duel” brand development by developing softeners which satisfy strictest quality standards with their competitive prices, authentic fragrances and excellent performances.




Spin - dishwashing detergent is the result of the application of latest achievements and high-quality raw materials:

  • -Superior quality (leading-edge production technology, efficient degreasing and the removal of stubborn stains, impeccable hand skin protection, efficient washing even in cold water)
  • -Top-quality fragrance notes from the world-renowned manufacturers, adapted to satisfy the taste of a modern consumer who always asks for more
  • -Modern package and attractive design (a stable, ergonomic bottle with a thermo-sleeve label and an attractive and authentic design representing a novelty in the category of dishwashing detergents).



Becollino is the mildest, special collection of products for complete hygiene, care and protection of sensitive baby skin. It consists of top-quality products, prepared according to the latest cosmetic formulas and made of carefully selected mild ingredients. They do not contain artificial scents, colors, preservatives or potential allergens. The complete Becollino collection has been clinically and dermatologically tested in the European Union.



Hera Cosmetics is a combination of tradition and modern sensuality, resulting in products with high efficiency and quality. It is made by using modern recipes and contemporary technology, which follow the world trends in cosmetics and chemical industries. Although they are characterized by components of proven quality, stylish packaging and unique trademark, Hera products are accessible to everyone and economically packed. Hera Cosmetics has everything you need in order to feel and look well.

"THE REAL CHOICE, THE RIGHT CERE" is the motto of Hera cosmetics.



Dahlia Cosmetics is a collection of high-quality cosmetic products designed and made to please your senses. But first of all, Dahlia Cosmetics has been created for and adapted to everyday hygiene and care of your body.

The purpose of each Dahlia product is to make you feel good and look even better in you skin. Our motto is CARE ABOVE ALL ELSE and therefore, we are inviting you to come to the world of Dahlia and find the best product for you.



Brion - Men's shaving collection, the market is present more than six decades. Long presence in the domestic market is a confirmation of quality and consumer confidence in this, now,  the legendary brand. The collection consists of soap and shaving cream, which softens the beard and make it easier to shave, and aftershave lotions in four scents, which disinfect, protect and nourish the skin.



Pompa Distilled Water is intended for batteries, steam-cleaners, irons and cooling systems. Distilled water went through the process of demineralization. It is mineral-free. Used with steam irons. Makes ironing easier, prevents calcification of your iron.




AD "NIVA" is a company with a long tradition. It was founded back in 1920, and after many legal and organizational changes, "NIVA" today operates as a public limited company.
The main orientation of AD "Niva" is the production of medical devices and articles of wadding.




The mission of AQUA COM Water Factory is to make connection between man and his need for clean and healthy food and water, which is the source of unspoiled nature and freshness.




PREDO baby diapers has for many years now set standards in the world in which the pickiest of consumers find the confidence and feeling for their baby, assuring them from the first day that they have the right product.

What makes PREDO unique, but also a very flexible diaper is:

  • Elastic sidebars
  • A outer layer that breathes
  • A Creamy skin protection




The Company, CEDANIT Ltd., was created in 2010 as a response to the need to expand capacity and modernization of the businesses of the company "NIT". The main business the company conducts is the production and packing of all kinds of household foil.
While maintaining the high quality and quantity of products, the company has achieved a leadership position in gaining the trust of end-users. Because of the results with satisfied customers and the trust placed in the company, large retail chains have grown.




Duga plus d.o.o is a company specializing in manufacturing, trade and services. Duga plus d.o.o Sabac was founded on 26.04.2011. It may be a small company, but with a big vision. It's goal to become a recognizably name in the market after a few years. The image of the company, satisfied customers and the care of employees, are our top priority.



Hitachi Maxell's Head Office is in Japan. Company is estabilished on September,1960. CEO of the Maxell is Yoshihiro Senzai. Number of employee is 6000. Main business activity is Manufacturing and Sales of products of Energy, Industrial Materials and Electronic Appliance/Consumer Products.